Call for Papers (BIGS 2017)

August 8, 2017


A recent BitDefender report[1] predicted that, by the year 2020, financial losses caused by cybercrimes would reach $2 trillion while cybersecurity market would exceed $100 billion. To mitigate the substantial losses and to manage today’s overwhelming issues of the interlocking fields of cyber security, the goal of the Bright Internet researchers and professionals is to find multidisciplinary approaches to reduce undesirable consequences. The Bright Internet initiative aims to establish safe Internet platforms which can preventively identify and mitigate malicious anonymous global cybercrimes. The Bright Internet also aims to maintain the freedom of expression and privacy protection which may be infringed by preventive measures.


The Bright Internet Global Summit (BIG Summit) will be held in COEX Convention Center at Seoul, Korea in December 8-10, 2017. The BIG Summit provides an interactive forum by bringing together leading academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the critical issues of today’s Internet and possible means to realize the next generation of a trustful Internet.


This workshop will also report on the progress of the Bright Internet which pursues cyber security, privacy and freedom of speech in a balanced manner. We invite extended abstracts of original research articles addressing a broad coverage of technical, managerial, economic, and strategic solutions towards developing the Bright Internet, with emphasis on global trust building. Papers may employ any applicable IS research method (case study, survey, analytical modeling, experiments, computational models, design science, etc.). 


Key Issues to Be Discussed:

The key issues to be discussed at the BIG summit include, but are not limited to, the following:   

  • How serious are the cybersecurity issues to companies, individual citizens, and national security and what can be done about the issues?

  • Is the current Internet security protection paradigm sustainable for the future?

  • Do we need a new preventive paradigm for deterring anonymous sources of threat?

  • What should be the architecture and protocol of future Internet?

  • What are the critical success factors for the market driven bright cloud networks?

  • How serious are cross-border and detoured cyberattacks?

  • What is the status of global cybersecurity, security governance in the context of the Bright Internet initiative?

  • What should be the goals of the next generation Internet, and what are the principles that Bright Internet should adopt?

  • What kind of protocols and technologies are necessary to implement Bright Internet?

  • What kinds of regulations need to be established or released to realize the goals of Bright Internet?

  • What would be novel, useful methodological approaches to establish the Bright Internet?

  • What new research propositions, frameworks, theories, and paradigms surrounding the Bright Internet should we focus on for the next 10 years?    

  • What kind of knowledge units and certification would be necessary for the Bright Internet?

Important Dates

Deadline of abstract submission: Oct. 27 2017.

Notification of acceptance: Nov. 17, 2017

Deadline for early registration: Nov. 30, 2017


Submission Guidelines

Extended abstract, which should not exceed 3 pages, including references, should be emailed to Dan Kim at It will be reviewed and evaluated according to review criteria such as importance of topic, relevance, potential contribution, and likelihood of attracting interest at the BIG summit (workshop). The accepted papers will be presented in Dec. 10th at the research paper section of the summit. A detailed presentation guideline will be provided later.


All paper presenters and participants of the summit will be invited to all planned panel discussion sections on Dec. 8-9,  a banquet on Dec. 9, and luncheons on Dec. 9 &10.  Please check for more details. We look forward to receiving your extended abstracts. If you have any questions, please email Dan J. Kim at or H. Raugh Rao at




Program co-Chairs of research paper section of BIG summit


Dan J. Kim,                     University of North Texas, USA

H. Raghav Rao,              University of Texas, Saint Antonio, USA

Jae Kyu Lee                   Yonsei University and KAIST, Korea




[1] Muresan, Razvan, “Cybersecurity market to exceed $100 billion by 2020; financial losses caused by cybercrime to reach $2 trillion. Business Insights in Virtualization and Cloud Security.” Bitdefender. Oct 20, 2016.


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