BICS 2017 – The Bright Internet China Symposium (June 5-6th, Xi'an, China)

March 16, 2017


BICS 2017 –The Bright Internet China Symposium



The Bright Internet China Symposium is organized to develop and exchange the research issues and action items toward the next generation safe Internet world. The symposium investigates the issues with the global perspective, but particularly in the context of China. The issues that require international collaborations are specially paid attention. To this end, Xi’an Jiaotong University has established the Bright Internet Global Governance China Research Center (BIGG CRC) in 2016.

This symposium is a first step toward the annual Bright Internet Global Summit which will be held in December 9-10 in Seoul for the first time. This symposium will be excellent forum of exchanging idea and research outcomes for the leading research group for the development of research agenda. In this symposium, six key issues will be discussed by the global leaders. Close interaction with participating researchers are strongly encouraged.

1) What is the status of cybercrimes in China and Cross-border cyberattacks?
2) What Principles of the Bright Internet should we adopt?
3) What are the Critical Success Factors for the Market Driven Bright Cloud?
4) What kind of Bright Internet Global Governance Structure do we need? 
5) What is the status of Bright Internet Global Research Partnership and National Research Consortium?
6)What academic disciplines are necessary to realize the Bright Internet Platform?

The distinguished speakers from academia, government agency, and industry will present their view and lead discussion with participants. All presentation will be delivered in English and translated to Chinese. Global academic researchers, policy makers, industry practitioners, and graduate students are welcome to participate to this milestone symposium. 



1)Bright Internet Global Governance China Research Center (BIGG-CRC), Xi’an Jiaotong University 
2)Bright Internet Research Center, KAIST




Bright Internet China Symposium

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